More than 40 million tons of Russian grain products have been exported since the beginning of the year

According to FSIS "Argus-Fito", since the beginning of 2024, territorial departments of Rosselkhoznadzor have issued phytosanitary certificates for the export from Russia of 40.2 million tons of grain and products of its processing, which is 5.6 million tons or 16% more than the same period in 2023 of the year.

The main volume of shipments falls on wheat - 24.9 million tons, corn - 4.2 million tons, barley - 3.9 million tons.

Compared to the same period last year, noticeable growth is demonstrated by the supply of rye (8-fold increase), barley (2-fold), oats (2-fold), wheat flour (+70%), cereals (+60%) and legumes (+60%).

The following countries significantly increased the volume of purchases of Russian grain: Vietnam – 26 times, Indonesia – 9 times, Jordan – 6 times, Afghanistan – 5 times, Iraq, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Mongolia – 3 times.