Armenia will replace Europe in the supply of flowers to Russia

Russia depends on imported supplies of flowers by 70%. If the import of flowers from some countries is limited, then Armenia, which has become a new major player in the flower market, will be able to replace European suppliers.

Armenia supplies roses of very decent quality. Due to the fact that the country is not far from Russia, transportation is simplified, thereby reducing costs.

In addition to roses, Armenia brings carnations and alstroemeria to Russia, so this country will replace Europe if the decision on restrictions is made, experts say. Flowers from Armenia are not as durable as those from Ecuador or Kenya, but they are not inferior to Russian ones.

In addition, flowers are supplied to Russia from China and Thailand.

At the same time, all flowers supplied to Russia, except for subtropical exotics, in theory can be grown here, however, despite this, the flower market is highly dependent on imports. Real government support could solve this problem.

Let us remind you that the other day it was reported that the Ministry of Agriculture is considering the possibility of limiting the import of flowers from some countries through customs and tariff regulation. Floriculture is also proposed to be included in all regional development programs.